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Introducing Your Financial Field Guide

A Simplified, Step-By-Step Financial Plan to the Retirement you've Dreamed of

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Your Retirement Simplified

If any of this strikes a cord, then it's time to get your financial field guide

A Financial Field Guide will put Your entire Financial Life Under one roof and give you the confidence you need to move toward retirement

This isn't your average financial plan

your financial field Guide in 3 easy steps

Your financial plan is built specifically for you. No two plans are alike. We use a simple three-step process that will give you the tools, resources, and support on your journey to creating the financial life and retirement of your dreams.


First, we start with finding out where you are now. We get a detailed snapshot of your whole financial picture so you can see exactly where you stand today.


Then we dig into what you really want out of life and make sure we understand all your goals and needs. We’ll identify any gaps and opportunities you may have.


We create and present your plan with our recommendations to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be and provide a range of options to help you get there.


Full Investment Review & Plan

Make sure your money is working as hard as you do. Our dynamic investment review and plan will help you make informed investment decisions, manage risk, and achieve your financial goals.

Savings Plan Strategy

Optimize how your money grows. Your savings plan strategy will help you develop strong financial habits and build long-term wealth while reducing financial stress.

Retirement Analysis

Our interactive retirement analysis will illustrate multiple scenarios and stress tests to help guide your retirement planning decisions. You’ll get peace of mind knowing what steps to take.

Cash Flow Strategy

A cash flow strategy will help you prioritize your financial goals and allocate resources accordingly. It will provide you with tax-efficient options.


Are you covered? Our risk review helps you identify potential risks, guide investment decisions, protect against unforeseen events, and provide peace of mind.

Financial Life Dashboard

Get a real-time overview of your entire financial life at your fingertips with our online financial dashboard. This robust software has everything you need to organize, plan and grow.

Do it for yourself. Not By Yourself.

Your Financial Field Guide Gives You Access to:

Take Action Today, You'll Get These 3 Bonuses

Insurance Review Financial Plan

Bonus #1

Insurance Review

This comprehensive insurance review will assess your insurance coverage in all areas. From life insurance to disability, and long-term care to property and casualty insurance, this detailed review will help to identify any gaps you may have in your coverage and recommend steps to mitigate potential financial risks.

Bonus #2

Social Security Optimization Strategy

When should I take Social Security? Should I delay to maximize my benefits? What about my spouse’s benefits? Our Social Security Optimization Strategy will be tailored to your specific situation and help you confidently answer these questions. You will be able to play around with different scenarios and see exactly how your cash flow in retirement will change and make informed decisions.

Social Security Financial Plan
Tax Strategy Financial Plan

Bonus #3

Tax Investment Strategy

Taxes can have a significant impact on your future and are an important factor in financial planning. A Tax Investment Strategy can help you optimize your investment returns, minimize your tax liability, increase your flexibility, and manage risk more effectively.

A Financial Plan, and so much more!

Best Financial Plan

Check out these other awesome features

Net worth

Estate Planning Checklist

Emergency Fund Liquidity Planner

Retirement Spending Strategies

Bank Account & Credit Card linking


MEDICARE Recommendations

AND Too many more to list here

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A Roadmap for Preserving, Protecting, and Growing Your Wealth

Financial Field Guide

Everything you need to organize, plan and grow your financial life
$ 2,497
  • A Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Detailed Recommendations & Action Steps
  • 2 In-Depth Calls with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™
  • On Demand Financial Dashboard - Desktop & Mobile App
  • Detailed, Visual, Easy to Understand Financial Reports
  • BONUS: Insurance Review
  • BONUS: Social Security Strategy
  • BONUS: Tax Investment Strategy
Financial Planner

Feel confident about your retirement.

Your financial field guide is designed to help you understand and get excited about the steps you’ll need to take toward the retirement you want. 

No more wondering if you are doing the right thing, no more stressing about the what-ifs. You are getting a full comprehensive guide to your finances. 


You have questions. We have answers.

If you want to take control of your finances, get a plan to reach your goals, and feel confident about retirement, then a Financial Field Guide is for you! Whether you are getting close to retirement or just starting out in your career, this will be your roadmap to support what is most important to you.

No matter where you are on your financial journey, your Financial Field Guide starts where you are. Our goal is to help you make the most of the money you have, regardless of how much it is. However, by taking action now, you increase your chances of positioning yourself for greater financial success in the future.

We are true fiduciaries. We have no products to push and we do not get paid commissions- it’s all about what is best for you. Bonfire Financial is an Independent, Fee-Only, Registered Investment Advisor with a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERs™. Our goal is for you to focus on enjoying life, not market fluctuations. 

Yes, this financial plan will also cover your spouse. We want to make sure you are getting a comprehensive look at your entire financial picture.

After you purchase your plan, you will be directed to sign an engagement agreement. From there we will reach out to you to schedule your first call with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERs™ and to collect all the documents needed to begin creating your plan. Once your plan is created (Usually in about 7 days), a second call will be schedule to go over the plan and all our recommendations.

We’ll aim to schedule our first call as soon as possible and we will need to collect paperwork and statements from you to begin creating the plan. The plan is only as good as the information you give us and will get done as quickly as you can provide the required info. Once we have everything we need it typically takes 7 days for us to create your plan. Then we’ll work with you to schedule a time to go over the plan and recommendations.

The recommendations that will be provided in your plan will allow you to DIY and implement the strategies on your own. However, the majority of people choose to use us to help them execute on their plan. We find that the process of creating the plan helps to build the trust needed for a successful relationship. We’d love to help you and be your financial guide for life.

Absolutely, please use this link to schedule a free consultation call to learn more.

We are an Independent, Fee-Only, Registered Investment Advisor


You are at the heart of the story behind Bonfire Financial. We believe that like a bonfire, life should be filled with celebration and memorable experiences. We understand the importance of financial well-being in enabling these moments. That’s why we prioritize your dreams and goals and offer plans and efficient solutions to help you achieve your goals. Unlike many financial companies that focus solely on monetary figures, we are driven by a client-centered approach and we focus on you and your outcomes.

We are true fiduciaries and have a team of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, that will always have your best interests in mind. Our commitment to adding value and prioritizing your success is what sets us apart. Our vision is for everyone to eventually gather around the figurative bonfire and celebrate a life well lived.

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