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Who should I call if…

I need cash?

Please call our main number: 719-394-3900. If you email us or leave a message we will not move the money until we confirm with you by phone. Also, depending on where you would like the money we may need additional paperwork. We do our best to make it a very easy process but we want to make every effort we can to keep your money safe and go where you want it to go.

I moved and I need to update my address?

Please call our main number: 719-394-3900 as we need to update our records. There also needs to be a call to Schwab to update your new address. You can call them at 1-800-515-2157 or if you like, we can set up a conference call to do it.

I want to talk about my financial plan, buy or sell stocks
or update my beneficiaries.

Brian or Nick will be able to help you with any of these requests.

Where should I park when I come to the office?

We can validate your parking for up to two hours in the Pikes Peak lot (just west of the building). Please give us a call in advance as the code is updated regularly. Alternatively, there is ample on-street metered parking.

What are your office hours?

We are in the office Monday thru Friday from 9 to 5, however we are happy to accommodate your schedule beyond these hours.

When will I get my 1099?

1099s are typically mailed out in February. You can also access them through your account online by using the link above.

When will I get my statements?

You will receive a statement from Schwab each month and a performance report from Bonfire each quarter. You can also access these online at the corresponding links above.

How often should we meet?

Our goal is to always make sure you have the information and advice that you need and we are available whenever you have questions. We will proactively reach out for a meeting or call semi-annual or quarterly.

How are my accounts billed?

We bill on the total assets that we are managing and take the average daily balance of the previous month and calculate 1/12 of the annual fee each month.

Do you do tax planning?

While we do take tax consequences into account while managing your portfolio we do not offer tax planning or preparation.  However, we do have many great referrals we would be happy to provide you. We will work closely with your CPA or accountant to provide seamless service.

Do you offer estate planning?

Yes. We will work with you on your plan, however we do not draft legal documents but have great resources and referrals we can offer.

Do you offer life insurance?

We certainly can provide insurance options, however, insurance is considered an outside business activity from Bonfire Financial as Bonfire is a fee-only RIA. These services are offered through Bonfire Insurance.

In addition to life insurance, we also can facilitate Buy/Sell insurance for your business or company.

We are always happy to provide a review and opinion of any outside quotes or policies and highly recommend it as insurance can be quite complex.

Do you offer long-term care insurance?

Similar to above, we can provide long-term care insurance independently from Bonfire Financial.

Do you do other alternative investments?

Yes, while alternative investments such as real estate LLPs, 1031 trusts, or structured products, should not be the majority of a portfolio, we do offer and advise on them.

Do you work with annuities?

While we typically do not recommend annuities, there are certain (rare) circumstances where they can make sense. However, if you have one, we can review them and try to make the most of what you currently own.

I’d like to offer a retirement plan to my employees, can you help?

Yes, we certainly can. We can setup a Simple IRA, 401(k), and all the way up to a Cash Balance Plan. Employer offered retirement plans are a larger part of our business.

I’m thinking of selling my business, can you help?

Of course. There are a lot of moving parts in selling your company and a lot of planning involved. A straight sell may not be your only option. We’ll explore the feasibility of an ESOP, private equity, and others to find a solution that works for you. We are not business brokers but we do work closely with them as well as your CPA and attorneys. We can offer many great referrals as well.

Do you take referrals?

Yes! Referrals are the reason we continue to grow and appreciate them very much. While our average client size is close to $1 million, we do not have a minimum requirement and are happy to help people who are just getting started.

If you have additional questions please reach out!

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