Estate and Legacy Planning

Passing on the Memories

We Believe in Supporting Your Legacy

They Say you Die Twice. The First when you Physically Die, the Second When your Name is Spoken for the Last Time. The Nature of when these Deaths Happen is, in some part, up to you.

Estate and Legacy Planning


Warding off the first requires exercise, smart choices and adherence to a healthy diet. The second, however? With sound financial planning, your second death may never happen and your legacy could last forever.

Join us around the fire and tell us what your legacy looks like to you. We want to hear all about your plans, both for your living legacy and beyond. Tell us your goals, whether it be passing your estate on to your loved ones or giving to charity, and we can help you create a strategy that provides the foundation to deliver on your wishes.

Our conversations will also lay a plan that responds to the future’s unplanned events. We’ll revisit your plan with you on a recurring basis to be sure that your estate and legacy strategy is inline with on your goals, even as the market and your life change. It’s a living document, one we create together that can nurture your legacy for years and years to come.

Join us around the fire today and together we can formulate your legacy strategy.

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