Investment and Money Management

Growing and Protecting the Fire

We believe acquiring wealth and preserving it are two different things

You've made your money, but how will you maintain it effectively?

Investment and Money Management


If you are still working, are you contributing the right amount to your retirement fund? Or are you contributing too little? And if you have retired, are you withdrawing the proper amount from your accounts or are you taking too much?

The right strategy can help you answer all of these questions.

Join us around the fire and tell us all about your investment and money management history and how your money is currently divided between the three essential buckets: the first being funds you can attain quickly should you need them, the second being funds that support long-term growth and the third being funds allocated to riskier investments that could support your hopes and dreams for the future.

The money you dedicate to each of these buckets depends on your risk tolerance. To find that, we utilize a software that allows you to take a customized assessment to determine what level of risk is acceptable to you. We can then compare your risk level to your current money management bucket strategy to see if you’re in line with your risk tolerance. If you’re not, we can make adjustments immediately to help your money management strategy support your goals tomorrow and in the years ahead so that your money works as hard for you as you did to earn it.

Join us around the fire today to reimagine your money management strategy.

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